About Ensuel…



Ensuel Kola is born in  Burrel, Albania.

He study for mechatronics  engineering from the Polytechnic University of Tirana, just before moving to the USA in 2015. In his home country of Albania he also studied photography and worked for numerous local magazines, embassies, family and business events. After moving to the USA, Ensuel quickly began putting together a local resume working for companies like Lifetouch school photography and Grad Images. In 2016 he joined Lister Assister as a real estate photographer. His dedication and professional manner quickly led to his promotion to the position of a trainer (the youngest employer in the company to achieve that position), and from there to Director of photography in the fast growing firm. Ensuel is a believer in achieving excellence in every aspect of his work. He is dedicated to help Lister Assister clients and fellow photographers make the experience of working with, and for, the company the most rewarding one.